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  Commodore CBM 500 Series
Commodore CBM 600 Series

YEAR: 1983
OS: Extended BASIC 4.0
CPU: MOS 6509 (Zilog Z80 & Intel 8088 optional)
SPEED: 1 MHz (500/600), 2 MHz (700)
RAM Int: 128 KB up to 256KB
RAM Ext: 704 KB - Total 960KB
ROM: 48KB (28KB Internal - 28KB Via Cartridge)
TEXT MODES: 40 x 25 (500), 80 x 25 (600-700)
GRAPHIC MODES: 300 x 200 (500), 512 x 512 (600-700)
COLORS: 16 (500), Monochrome (600-700)
SOUND: 3 voices, 9 octaves (700)
MISC:IEEE-488 Bus, Dual 8 Bit User Port, Two Joystick Ports
MISC:Direct Audio Output, 10 Function Keys, RS-232C Interface

The CBM 500 had a 40-column, 300 x 200 pixels display. Contrary to the 600 and 700 it also had two ports for joystick, light pen and paddles.

The CBM 600 was the same as the 500 but had a 80-column display and 256 Kb RAM.

MicroSoft Basic was in ROM. Both models had an option for a second processor (8088 or Z80) to function alongside the standard 6509, the 6509 was then used for I/O, display and keyboard management. They worked under Commodore DOS or CP/M and MSDOS when the computers used the other processors.

The 500 / 600 series was mainly sold in Europe, but a few models are known to have been sold in the United States.

The model pictured above is a 610.

Images from Commodore 500/600/700 Manual

CBM 500 Front View

CBM 500 Rear View

CBM 600 Front View

CBM 600 Rear View