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  Commodore Pet 200

YEAR: 1979
OS: Commodore BASIC 4.0
CPU: MOS 6502 @ 1 Mhz.
RAM: 32 KB
ROM: 18 KB
TEXT MODES: 80 x 25 - 12 inch built-in green monitor
GRAPHIC MODES: None (128 graphical characters)
COLORS: Monochrome

The PET 200 is a rebadged version of the Commodore 8032-SK which is itself the same model as the 8032 with a rounded shape design and a separate keyboard. This design was used later on the CBM-II series computers.

It is said that Ferdinand Porsche was involved in this design. It's not true since he died just a few years after the end of World War II. In fact, Commodore enlisted the services of Porsche Design, a separate firm from the famous car maker that specializes in the less glamorous world of industrial design. PD was founded as a side project of Ferry Porsche, Ferdinand's son.

The PET 200 was sold only in Europe. A special Swedish version, named model S, enabled special characters like , ,