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  Commodore Vic 20
Commodore Vic 1001 (Japan Version)

Commodore Vic 20 Unexpanded Startup Screen (Animated GIF)

Commodore Vic 20 Keyboard (Photo)

Hardware Information
Year: May 1981 - January 1985
CPU: 6502 @ 1.0227 Mhz
RAM: 5 KB Standard, Upgradable to 8, 16, 24, 32 KB
ROM: 16 KB
OS: CBM Basic V2
TEXT MODES: 23 rows x 22 columns
GRAPHIC MODES: 184 x 176
COLORS: 8 character colors, 16 background/border colors
SOUND: 3 voices / 3 octaves

Free Commodore Vic 20 Downloads

Vic 20 Emulators
Download Pfau Zeh Vic 20 Emulator Ver 0.2
Download Pfau Zeh Vic 20 Emulator Upgrade To 0.26
Go To M.E.S.S. Emulator Web-Site (ALL 8-BIT COMPUTER SYSTEMS)
Go To V.I.C.E. Emulator Web-Site (C64|C128|VIC20|PET|PLUS4|CBMII)
Go To Web-Site for Emulator News & System Roms/Bios

Vic 20 Manuals
Download Programmers Reference Guide
Programming in Basic, Machine Code, Sprites, PCG and much much more.

Vic 20 Firmware, Cartridge Roms, Cartridge Games & Manuals
Vic 20 Firmware Roms - Basic Character Kernal
Download Vic 20 Firmware Roms
Vic 20 Firmware - Basic Rom Character Set Rom Kernal Rom - Needed For Emulation

Vic 20 Super Expander Cartridge (VIC-1211A)
Download Super Expander Rom Cartridge
Download Super Expander Manual
Download Super Expander Examples
Vic 20 Super Expander (with the extra 3 kB RAM). A BASIC extension with graphics and sound commands. May need the 3kB expansion to run. Supports also 8kB or more expansion memory. Autostart, starting address $A000. Only 4 kilobytes

Vic 20 Programmers Aid Cartridge (VIC-1212)
Download Programmers Aid Cartridge Rom
Download Programmers Aid Cartridge Manual
Download Programmers Aid Cartridge Cheat Sheet
A utility cartridge for BASIC programmers. Defines some BASIC commands on the function keys. AUTO, RENUMBER and other goodies. The cartridge does not work if it is copied to RAM and the BASIC interpreter is using the $7000-$7FFF area.

Vic 20 HES-Mon Cartridge
Download HES-MON Machine Language Monitor Rom
Download HES-MON Machine Language Monitor Manual
Machine Language Monitor by Human Engineered Software

Vic 20 Classic Games Pack
Download Vic 20 Classic Games Pack (16 Games Shown Below)

Vic 20 Cartridge Game Screen Shots

Vic Avenger


Cosmic Cruncher

Cosmic Jailbreak

Garden Wars


Gorf 1

Gorf 2

Gorf 3

Jupiter Lander


Mole Attack

Money Wars

Radar Rat Race

Raid On Fort Knox

Road Race

Sea Wolf

Super Alien

Super Smash

Commodore Cartridge Downloads
VIC 1211A VIC SuperExpander with 3kB RAM Expansion.
VIC 1212 VIC Programmer's Aid.
VIC 1213 VIC Machine Language Monitor. $6000
VIC 1213 VIC Machine Language Monitor. $B000
VIC 1610 Vic Term 4.0-A0000
VIC 1901 Avenger (VIC Avenger)
VIC 1902 Star Battle
VIC 1904 Slot (Super Slot)
VIC 1905 Jelly Monsters
VIC 1906 Alien (Super Alien)
VIC 1907 Jupiter Lander (Super Lander)
VIC 1908 Poker (Draw Poker)
VIC 1909 Road Race (Midnight Drive)
VIC 1910 Radar Rat Race
VIC 1911 The Sky Is Falling
VIC 1911 The Sky Is Falling [alt]
VIC 1912 Mole Attack
VIC 1913 Raid On Fort Knox
VIC 1914 Adventure Land
VIC 1915 Pirate's Cove
VIC 1916 Mission Impossible
VIC 1917 The Count
VIC 1918 Voodoo Castle
VIC 1919 Sargon II Chess
VIC 1920 Pinball (Pinball Spectacular)
VIC 1921 Super Smash
VIC 1922 Cosmic Cruncher [fixed]
VIC 1923 Gorf
VIC 1924 Omega Race
VIC 1925 Money Wars
VIC 1926 Menagerie
VIC 1927 Cosmic Jailhouse (Cosmic Jailbreak)
VIC 1928 Home Babysitter
VIC 1928 Home Babysitter 2
VIC 1929 Personal Finance
VIC 1930 Visible Solar System
VIC 1930 Visible Solar System [alt]
VIC 1931 Clowns
VIC 1931 Clowns (Paddles)
VIC 1932 Garden Wars
VIC 1933 Speed Math/Bingo Math
VIC 1935 Commodore Artist
VIC 1937 Sea Wolf
VIC 1938 Tooth Invaders
VIC 1939 Star Post
VIC 1941 Number Nabber Shape Grabber
VIC 2011 VIC-Stat
VIC 2012 VIC-Graph
VIC 2013 VIC-Forth cartridge. v1.0
VIC 2013 VIC-Forth cartridge. v1.1

Commodore Vic 20 Software Archive
Commodore Vic 20 Software Archive

Commodore Vic 20 Startup Screens

Vic 20 Boot Screen - Unexpanded

Vic 20 Boot Screen - 3k Expanded

Vic 20 Boot Screen - 3k Super Expander

Vic 20 Boot Screen - 8k Expanded

Vic 20 Boot Screen - 16k Expanded

Vic 20 Boot Screen - 24k Expanded

Commodore Vic 20 Advertisements