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  Commodore Datasette Information

Cassette Series:
Took regular cassettes, non standard format data.
Note: 1530 is same as C2N. Therefore, variations were not expanded.
* CBM C2N-1 Black, 8.00"Lx5.25"Wx2.50"H, 5 button, No Tape Ctr. BZ
* CBM C2N-2 Cream C2N-1, Tinted Window, Tape Counter. JB
* CBM C2N-3 C2N-2 with bolder logo. BZ
* CBM C2N-4 Cream, 6.00"Lx7.75"Wx2.00"H, 6 button,Clear Win., Tape Ctr. BZ
* CBM C2N-5 C2N-4 with no counter label, orange under cassette. BZ
* CBM C2N-6 C2N-4 with no save label, bolder logo, LED on LHS BZ
* CBM C2N-7 C2N-4 with tinted win., bolder logo. BG
* CBM 1531-1 Charcoal Grey C2N-6, Commodore 16/+4, Orange under casette BZ
* CBM 1531-2 Charcoal Grey C2N-5, LED on RHS PR
* CBM 1531-3 Charcoal Grey C2N-4, Silver label under casette, LED on RHS PR
* CBM Load-It LED Readout, Adjustment Screw