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Welcome to - My Commodore Computers Fan Site.

Commodore Business Machines and its related companies pioneered the home computer market, in the early 1980's by releasing low-cost, high powered, computers marketed to home users and enthusiasts. They also controlled companies such as MOS Technologies which produced the 65xx series of micro-processors. The 65xx series where used in other home computers at the time such as the Atari 400/800, Apple I/II/IIe/IIc as well as many others.

They also converted arcade games to run on their computers. This was sometimes done illegally or without licence. Many court cases were initiated because of these practices. These excellent conversions also made the Commodore series of computers very popular.

I bought my first computer in 1981. The Commodore Vic 20 has 5k of usable ram which pales in comparison with the gigabytes in current modern day computers. I went on to purchase a commodore 64 and Commodore 16. Ones the Amiga phenomenon caught on I ended up buying one of the first Amiga 1000 computer in Australia. I went on to own quite a few Amiga and ran a multi line BBS on an Amiga 2500 for many years.

In the mid 1980s the 8-bit computer market started to suffer because of companies such as Nintendo and Sega releasing game consoles. The consoles allowed users to play arcade games (converted) as well as classics (new at the time) games such as Mario Brothers and Sonic the hedgehog.

Along came a start-up company called Hi Toto. They disguise themselves as a Joystick and Peripheral manufacturing company. But hidden behind the exterior of the company was a computer conceived by Jay Minor. The Amiga. The Amiga was a state of the art computer that was more powerful, faster and graphically superior to all others in the home computer market at the time. Atari had an agreement to purchase the hardware rights to the computer because Hi-Toro, now call Amiga Corporation was in financial trouble at the time. At the last minute Commodore came in and loaned Amiga Corp the $500,000 that it owed to Atari.

Commodore, having acquired the Amiga, expanded rapidly but by the late 1980s and early 1990s found themselves competing against the better developed, marketed and software supported IBM-PC (& compatibles) and Macintosh computer systems.

By 1993 Commodore were in financial hell and the company closed, being bought by a succession of companies which in turn closed due to financial difficulties.

In 2009 the Commodore scene consists of old skool users who started their computer interest, as well as their careers, with commodore computers. With emulators and software sites available on the internet these day, users are able to enjoy the old computers of yester-year.

Over the years there has been many a debate over which company had the best computer. In my opinion Commodore computers were the best. You probably beg to differ. Everyone is entitles to their opinion. I just thank the people for conceiving the internet. It allows me to not only enjoy Commodore computers but to enjoy the other 8-bit systems of the time.

Over the years I have collected Commodore computer stuff from the internet. I would ultimately like to have that "stuff" available on this site. Please visit on a regular basis to see what has been added.

I'de like to also thank sites such as,,, and as well as many others. If I have included information from these or any sites without crediting them, please email me ( so I can rectify any issues.


Legendary Eric W. Schwartz Artwork | ClarissePaints
Produced on the Amiga Computer | Link to more images....