History Of The Amiga

I came across this video titled "history of the amiga" as told by Jay Miner, RJ Mical et al.

This video is available as part of Amiga Forever (Premium Edition) by cloanto collection.
For futher information please visit http://www.amigaforever.com/videos/

Many thanks to Mike for the information :)

Title Screen

Hi Toro, which later became Amiga Corp. initially disguised itself as a joystick company.


Amiga 1000 (Lorraine Project) being developed.
Includes prototypes of
Agnus (8 breadboards each with 250 chips),
Denice (Codename: Daphne) and
Paula (Codename: Portia) co-processors.










Magazine Covers of the first reviews of the Amiga 1000 computer.


The Amiga Team






Keywords: The Amiga Team, Jay Miner (Father of the Amiga), RJ Mical (Software Wizard Deluxe), Carl Sassenrath (Multi Tasking Operating System),
Dale Luck (Graphics Wizard), Caryn Mical (Manager Third Party Software), Dave Needle (Hardware Guy), Stan Shepard (Chip Diagnostics / QA),
Bob "Kodiak" Burns (Software Junkman), Sheryl Knowles (First Amiga Artist), Sam Dicker (Manager Entertainment Software).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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