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IDEFix97 - Enhance Your Amigas IDE Port

NOTE: As far as I am aware this product is NO LONGER supported by

Extract From Read Me File:

Short: Use ATAPI devices (CD-ROM) with IDE port
Kurz: ATAPI Geräte (CD-ROM) an Amiga IDE port
Uploader: (Oliver Kastl)
Author: (Oliver Kastl)
Type: disk/misc
Version: 3.5
Requires: OS 2.04, OS 3.0 or better recommended.
Date: 30.10.99
URL: http://www.elaborate-bytes.comIDE-fix '97 is the all-new "all in one box" solution for all your IDE problems!
Also very useful for owners of SCSI CD-ROMs!!!


Allows you to use ANY ATAPI device with your Amiga, including ANY ATAPI 1.2 compliant IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM, LS120 ATAPI Floppy drive, TORiSAN ATAPI CD-ROM changer, NEC 4x4 changer and more!!!!

Supports reading of CDDA data from IDE port (requires MakeCD or similar ATAPI CD-Reader program).

ATAPI CD-ROM changers:

ATAPI drivers and CacheCDFS are modified to support ATAPI changers like TORiSAN and NEC changers. You can either use a seperate changer utility to change to the desired disk, or you can mount each disk seperately! This is a great advantage for BBS systems!

New drivers are included for:

Amiga IDE port (A600, A1200, A4000, A4000T)
WinnerCD (Vesalia),
AlfaPower plus,
CD1200 plus,
AlfaQuattro (all AlfaData Technic Corp.),
Buddha (Individual Computers),
EasyCD (Telmex),
RandyROM (MLC),
SpeedUp System(VOB)


Very sophisticated ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win95/98) and MAC HFS compatible CD-ROM FileSystem.

Amiga Protection bits supported,
advanced LRU caching algorhythm,
Built-in MultiSession support,
Trax support,
MultiVolume support (more than one ISO image on a CD),
Joliet (Windows 95/98 long filename) support.
Embedded Audio support.
Works with with SCSI-I,
SCSI-II and ATAPI drives!
Supports reading from CD-Writers!
Autoboot from CD supported with the additional tool "MountCD"
MountCD is available at or from
Aminet (disk/cdrom/mountcd.lha)


An intuition based preferences tool to adjust CacheCDFS settings "on the fly".


Enhance your IDE-port!
Faster transfer, faster booting, less CPU use!
No MaxTransfer troubles, set MaxTransfer as big as you like!
TD64 & NSD commands supported, use IDE drives bigger than 4 GIG with your
Amiga (requires FileSystem with TD64 and/or NSD support).
Patches into the system "on the fly", no reboot required.

Use 4 IDE drives with your Amiga (with additional 4 drive adapter)!!!

Supports removable IDE units (SyQuest or ZIP IDE drives) without trouble!
PlayCD: Full featured Audio player for SCSI-II and ATAPI CD-ROMs.
Programmable, requires only small amount of memory.
CD32: Turns your Amiga 1200 or 4000(T) into a CD32 with the press of a button!
Supports SCSI-II or ATAPI CD-ROMS! Includes playing of CDDA from CD32 Titles!
AutoParkPrefs: Completely rewritten AutoParkPrefs, intuition based.
Allows parking of IDE harddisks after a defined time of inactivity.
UnInstall: Removes the whole package if you don't like it.
Documentation is included in english and german.
Restrictions of unregistered version: Nag requesters, otherwise full functional.

This package is shareware, registration instructions are included.

Amiga Installer 1.24 or better is required.
It has to be located in the system path, otherwise the installation tools will not work.

For A Version History See The Readme File In The Archive.

IDE-fix '97 is copyrighted software. © 1997, 1998 Elaborate Bytes, Oliver Kastl. This software is freely distributable, if NO profit, except reasonable charges covering the cost of the distribution, is made with it. You may NOT bundle this software with hardware, if you wish to do so, please contact me. License is granted to distribute this Software on AmiNet and AmiNet CDs.
This software is provided "as is", without any warranties.

Download IDEFix97 Shareware Version Now
[ .lha - 405 Kb ]